Kneeling Balance Tasks from BOSU

Exercise Goal:

The goal of this exercise is to challenge kneeling dynamic balance, core stabilization, hip stabilization, and balance related to the vestibular system.

Set Up and Alignment:

Kneel with the knees and lower legs (shins) centered on the top of the dome. For balance assistance, the toes may touch the floor. For balance challenge, lift the toes off the floor. Place the arms out to the sides at about waist height for balance assistance, or the hands on the hips for more balance challenge. Align the body in “centered” position from the knees through the top of the head.

Performing The Exercise:

Slowly rotate the trunk and touch the hands to the outer thigh or one of the heels. Visually track the hand movement with the head. Allow the hips to flex slightly to facilitate trunk rotation. Return to “centered” position and alternate sides.

Safety Tips:

Begin these drills without visual tracking in order to master the movement pattern. Then, when the movement pattern is familiar, add the vestibular challenges. Contracting the core musculature will enhance balance performance. Centering the front of the lower leg across the top of the dome will help avoid unnecessary pressure on the kneecap.