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Hold the dumbbell with your chosen hand. Before starting, choose a hand you want to begin with. After choosing it, pick up the dumbbell. This is important, as this method of performing triceps kickbacks works only one arm at a time.
• Start with your strong hand, so you can more confidently complete the motion.
• Remember that you will switch hands at the end of the set.
• Grip the weight firmly, but not too tight.
• Consider using gloves, if you prefer.

Stand in a split stance with one leg forward. After picking up the dumbbell, you need to situate yourself into a proper stance before beginning the movement.
• The forward leg should be the opposite of the hand you are holding the dumbbell with.
• Make sure both of your feet are firmly on the floor.
Use your core to brace yourself.
• Place your same side hand on your on the ball.

Lean forward while standing up. By leaning forward, you’ll position your body for maximum effectiveness while working your triceps. This is important because it works the triceps against gravity.
• Hinge forward at the hips.
• Make sure most of your weight is being transferred onto the forward leg.
• Move your shoulders down and back.
• Align your head and your spine.
• Hold this posture throughout the exercise.
• You can also complete this exercise while leaning with one knee on a bench with the same side hand on the front of the bench.

Bend your elbow. Take the arm that is holding the weight and bend it at your elbow. This movement will position you to begin the triceps kickback. Remember to:
• Hold your upper arm so that it is parallel to your torso.
• Make sure your forearm is vertical with the floor.
• Move it slowly and firmly.

Repeat using the other arm.

Kickbacks ball start

Kickbacks ball end

Kickbacks from ball start 1

Kickbacks from ball end 1