Kettle bell Bottoms Up Clean


Start with the kettlebell 12 – 18” in front of you, keeping your back flat (not upright).

Hips sitting back (as opposed to squatting down), “hike” the bell to the rear, allowing the hips to load. Notice how the kettlebell forms a straight line with the relaxed arm. Remember, the arm travels loosely with the kettlebell as the hips do all the work.

Explosively extend the hips and knees so that the body forms a straight line. The kettlebell should travel up as the arm curls and braces below the kettlebell at the top. Don’t forget to grip the handle tightly at the top.


A great full body drill is to “take a walk” with the kettlebell in a bottom up position. Use your hand to protect yourself should your grip fail.

Keeping the upper body straight, brace the core and carefully take a walk with your kettlebell. Don’t forget to keep your arm below the kettlebell, abs tight, and eyes looking straight ahead.


Once you have mastered the Bottoms up Clean, advance to the press. Pause at the top of your Clean, make your whole body (midsection, glutes, and quads), tight, and press the kettlebell up, keeping your knees locked, your shoulders down, and your feet flat on the ground.

KB Bottoms up clean start

KB Bottoms up clean end