Crab Walks

TARGET MUSCLESGluteus medius and maximus

SETS & REPS: 8 side steps (out & back) x 5

TEMPO: Slow and controlled

FREQUENCY: Include in your two strength sessions a week

If you experience pain when performing crab walks, get your technique  checked. Though there is no one optimum way of performing these, a sports therapist or physiotherapist will be able to find a version best suited to you. As always, if in any doubt get checked out.

Crab walks can be an excellent way to strengthen the glutes in a functional, weight bearing position. Using an appropriately tensioned resistance band,  keeping  the knees externally rotated works the glute maximus, whilst stepping outwards (abduction) against tension works the gluteus medius. By making sure the resistance band stays stretched  throughout the exercises, the glutes on both legs will get a thorough work out, so make sure you do not overdo these when starting out. Five trips out and back of approximately eight steps is generally enough to  let you know about it the next morning! Tip: You can also do this exercise without an exercise band and use a medicine ball or a dumbbell holding it in your hand

Crab walks start

Crab walks middle

Crab walks end