Circuit Supersets for Total Body Strength

What are super sets and how can they challenge you? A superset format is a great way to deliver a high-intensity, straightforward workout. In this circuit-training class, each superset includes three exercises that target different areas of the body. For example, you work the legs while the arms recover, then you target the core while the legs have some reprieve, and so on. The selected moves are classics from Clayton, MO personal trainers selected for their ability to efficiently target major muscle groups. They are simple to follow and execute. Try it today.

Serious Superset Details
Total Time: ~55 minutes
Goal/Emphasis: to strengthen every major muscle group Equipment needed: one to two sets of dumbbells and an exercise mat for floor-work

Warm-Up (6 minutes)
Perform each of the following for 30 seconds, then repeat three times:
• Do bob-and-weave pattern, either as simple step-together or adding squat as you sweep through center.
• Jog in place
• Do 16 jumping jacks

Add some flowing, dynamic stretches into the mix:
• Do calf stretch in lunge position.
• Stretch hamstrings by sitting back with leg forward.
• Interlace hands behind back to open chest.
• Do standing quadriceps stretch.

Work Phase (40 minutes)
Perform 24 reps of each exercise unless otherwise indicated. Go through each round three times and then move to the next one, taking time to rest only as needed or during transitions.

Superset #1 • Upright row. Stand with feet wide, knees slightly bent. Keep shoulders relaxed and engage between shoulder blades and spine. Raise and lower dumbbells in controlled upright row, being careful not to cause impingement.

• Sumo squat. Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly out, and lower into wide squat. As you come up (slowly and with control), lift knee (alternate sides). Modification: Eliminate knee lift. Progression: Hold dumbbell against chest. 16 reps.

• Slow mountain climber. Start from plank position and slowly bring in one knee toward chest, moving at half-speed. Keep hips low, hands under shoulders, and brace through core. Modification: Hold full plank. 16 reps.

Superset #2
• Wide push-up. Keep hands far apart so elbows are 90 degrees at bottom of move. Perform on knees or with straight legs.

• Alternating lunges. Hold dumbbells and step forward with right foot, getting knee as close to ground as possible. Alternate for 16 reps.

• Forearm plank. Brace through core and come onto forearms and toes, keeping back in neutral. Modification: Place knees on floor. Hold 1 minute.

Superset #3
• Overhead press. Press dumbbells overhead in arcing motion. Elbows are at shoulder level and 90 degrees at bottom of move. Control the return.

• Squats. With feet parallel and hip-width apart, lower into squat while keeping chest lifted. Hold one dumbbell against chest with both hands. Modification: Don’t hold dumbbell.

• Back extension. Lie prone with arms by sides, palms up. Reach fingertips and toes toward back of room while lifting chest and thighs off ground. Engage gluteals and spinal erectors. Hold for 3 counts. 8 reps.

Pushup row start