6 Standing Core Stabilizers

These exercises can be performed for a predetermined number of repetitions or as a timed set; one to three sets is all you need, depending of course, on your fitness level.


Assume an upright position in preparation for a squat, with the arms extended forward and the palms together (thumbs will face the ceiling). Keep your hands pressed together, engage the core and begin performing non-stop squats. Try to avoid rotating, which increases core engagement.


Stand on top of a BOSU, with the arms in an athletic position. Step the right foot on the floor to the right side of the dome, and then step the left foot next to the left side of the dome. Next, step the right foot back on top of the dome, followed by the left. Perform this movement—down, down, up, up—in a quick and repetitious manner with the right foot leading. Once that set is complete, perform a set with the left foot leading.


Step backward into a lunge, with your arms extended in front of your chest. Have your personal trainer put pressure against your hands as you lunge backward. This forces you to engage the core and stabilize the upper body without compensation or rotation. Repeat on the other side. BOSU QUICK TOE TAPS

Face the BOSU, with the arms in an athletic position and the core engaged. Quickly tap the dome with the sole of one foot and then the other. The movement should be fast and repetitious while alternating legs. 


Stand upright, engage the core and step the right foot back to touch the floor. Begin to hinge forward from the hip and lift the right leg. Maintain stability between the chest and the glutes to keep the pelvis and torso parallel to the ground. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Complete a set on each leg. This exercise can be performed with or without external resistance.


Stand upright, engage the core and, in a fast and controlled manner, step the right foot back. The right arm will naturally come forward. Hinge slightly forward at the hips and drive the right knee forward. The left arm will naturally come forward. Bring the right foot back onto the ground and continue tapping back and driving the knee forward. Complete a set with each leg leading.